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full time PHP Developer

at 9AM - APPOCALYPSIS περιοχή Αθήνα


We are looking for a PHP developer to join our team at 9AM Internet Media Labs (a Web Agency with more than 10 years of experience in building websites and some of the top custom platforms).

The candidate:

- will be working and helping on most of our running projects (all custom PHP). – we also work on some new in-house projects (based on Laravel) ...and… – last but not least will contribute in building new features.

APPOCALYPSIS is a SaaS application which Helps you Create & Manage Widgets that help with Conversion for your Websites. It then Gathers Important Analytics about how your Widgets are Progressing. A great online tool for Single Website Owners, Developers, Webmasters or Marketers. Appocalypsis is also build in PHP.

Απαιτούμενα προσόντα:

- PHP (MUST) – Laravel (VERY GOOD TO HAVE) – Javascript (MUST) – Be willing to learn on a daily basis! (you do not need to be a guru to apply. But you need to have the drive to become one)

Πρόσθετα προσόντα:

Η εταιρία παρέχει:

- Great Team – Great Company – Excellent Working Environment

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