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full time Web Developer ( PHP / JS ) - WD00005

at 12x περιοχή Θεσσαλονίκη


12x is a Product Development company working on Remote States. We have been working as an agency for 12 years now. We are a small team and we grow only when it is potential for our needs.

We are now working into certain projects and we are looking for a developer to join our team and help us expand our product line.

We are looking for backend developers specializing in modern PHP, Laravel and Javascript ( React /React Native ) who can build robust, scalable and maintainable Web Applications.
You will play a major role in developing and while keep growing our development team, you will get more and different responsibilities.

Απαιτούμενα προσόντα:

Skills & Requirements:

  • Expert knowledge of PHP (5.6+ / 7+)
  • Expert knowledge of Javascript ( Jquery and React / React Native is a need )
  • Experience with Laravel 5+
  • Experience with WordPress / WordPress Best Coding Practices and WordPress REST API
  • Experience with Git
  • MySQL
  • Basic HTML & CSS Bootstrap Knowledge Helpful

Πρόσθετα προσόντα:

Extra Skills:

  • Mobile Development
  • Unity Development

Η εταιρία παρέχει:

We Offer:

  • Pick your Time to Work
  • Premium Tool for Work
  • Equipment for specific Work ( VR Projects )
  • Access to Premium Learning Resources

You will be working alone, with not a lot of control or needs to report back.
You will only be responsible to deliver your work, on the time required and communicate only when needed. We use Asana and Slack for our communications.

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